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About Us

Our Firm

Curley, Hurtgen & Johnsrud LLP is a firm specializing in labor and employment law.  Our founding partners are:  Michael Curley, who has more than 30 years of experience and who held senior leadership positions at two major firms before founding our firm and David Silverman, who has 30 years of experience and who served as general counsel at a large regional bank with more than 10,000 employees and more than $80 billion in assets. In October 2009, Brian Lee Johnsrud, who has more than thirteen years of experience representing employers in California, most recently as a partner at a major international law firm, joined us as the founding partner of our California office.

In April of 2016, Peter Hurtgen, a former NLRB Chairman and board member and a former Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service who had been an Of Counsel in the firm became a named Partner in the firm.

With offices in New York City, Philadelphia and Menlo Park, our primary focus is on serving the needs of employers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California. In addition, we have strong relationships with lawyers and law firms (large and small) throughout the United States, and we have significant experience handling matters across the country for national and international employers.  With our relationships and our experience, we are well-positioned to help our clients address their labor and employment law needs nationwide.


Our Mission and Focus

Curley, Hurtgen & Johnsrud LLP was founded and is based on certain values and core principles:  (1) a true passion for the practice of law; (2) an uncompromising standard of excellence in the practice of law; (3) an unsurpassed focus on responsiveness and client service; and (4) a sincere commitment to building and maintaining a collegial and special working environment for our lawyers and our staff.  We are determined to earn a reputation as a law firm that helps our clients avoid and solve labor and employment problems and that delivers the very highest levels of quality and service.  We will strive to do so on a cost-effective basis that takes into account the broader needs of our clients and the cost pressures that our clients face.  We believe that our small size and low overhead, combined with our commitment to excellence and our strong client service focus, will enable us to achieve this objective. 

We base our hope and our prospects for success on a simple but firmly-held belief that if we stay true to our mission, our values, and our founding core principles, then the "business" side of the practice will take care of itself.  With this mission, these values, and these founding core principles, we will look to build and maintain enduring client relationships based on shared values, trust, and loyalty.  We will measure our success not by our profits per partner, by the number of lawyers we employ, or by the number of offices we open, but rather by the degree to which we earn the respect and trust of our clients, our peers, and even our adversaries, as well as by the degree to which we remain true to our mission, our values, and our founding core principles.